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Our Vision

The vision of the One and All Foundation is for the hospitality industry to be renowned as a true meritocracy. An industry in which all available talent can access and take advantage of a culture of development which engages, encourages and nurtures individuals creating a plentiful pool of aspiring management that is representative of our workforce.

What is One and All About?

The One and All Foundation has been developed to ensure that every individual can fulfil their potential in an open, diverse and dynamic hospitality industry.

It’s a fact: Times are changing. Society is changing. The workforce has already changed.

Traditionally our industry has been one in which people are promoted on talent and skill. This should continue. However, to achieve an industry that is a true meritocracy, we also need to recognise that talent comes in many forms. That everyone is different.

We must now embrace these changes and ensure that every individual can fulfil their potential in our industry.

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